Novak Composites offers in 2016 interesting training seminars around the theme composites in cooperation with Grasse Zur Composite Testing. The training seminars take place in our new premises in Berlin and generally consist of a theoretical and a practical session, which also provides composite material testing with our universal testing machines.

Please note that the number of participants is limited in order to ensure a high level of training seminars.

We provide a limited number of places for students at a reduced price.

Calendar 2016

We are pleased to offer these training seminars also as in-house seminars at your premises.

These training seminars do not appeal to you?
No problem. Let us know your wishes and we tailor the right seminar for you.

14.-15. April Fachseminar DMS-Technik
02.-03. Juni Fachseminar DMS-Technik
09.-10. Juni Richtige Aushärtung von Harz-Härter-Systemen
23.-24. Juni Fachseminar DMS-Technik
01.-02. September Richtige Aushärtung von Harz-Härter-Systemen
22.-23. September Fachseminar DMS-Technik
13.-14. Oktober Normenübersicht Composite-Prüfung
20.-21. Oktober Fachseminar DMS-Technik
03.-04. November Richtige Aushärtung von Harz-Härter-Systemen
10.-11. November Klassische Laminattheorie (CLT) mit experimentell ermittelten Kenngrößen
08.-09. Dezember Strain Gauge Technology and Application

For more information, please refer to the information sheets for technical seminar “strain gauge technology” and technical seminar “correct curing of resin-hardener systems”. Further information sheets will be published soon.

Please contact us.